CBD Oil for Dogs; Is it Safe? Does it Work?

Is CBD safe and effective for dogs?

The science is pretty clear on this one, Yes, CBD Oil is safe for dogs. Over the past decade, according to the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), there have been over 288,855,496 recorded administrations of CBD oil for dogs and there have been only mild adverse events reported in less than 0.0001%. None of these adverse events were serious (The most common side effects of using CBD Oil for dogs are vomiting and diarrhea) and the benefits of a well-formulated CBD oil to a dog’s health far outweigh the small possibility of mild potential side effects. In fact, these side effects are thought to be caused not by the CBD at all, but rather an adverse effect to the MCT oil (carrier oil) or terpenes, and even those effects are frequently short-term. Additionally, since THC can be toxic in dogs, pet owners should avoid products containing any detectable amount of THC. So, the short answer is yes, CBD oil certainly works for dogs. The long answer is yes, but you have to make sure your dog is getting the correct dose twice a day and keep an eye on the results over a 2-3 week timeframe. CBD can take at least 2 weeks to see a change and the results can be gradual. Therefore, it makes seeing the change a bit more difficult.

Dog taking CBD oil
Dan the Lab rejuvinates with CBD oil from Dr. Fossum’s

How Will I know if CBD is Working for My Dog?

Certainly, the best way to know if CBD Oil is working for your dog is by monitoring the behavior changes in your dog. We encourage our customers to take a video or log of activities that their dog currently struggles to do. This way, you can look back and visually see a behavior change in 2-3 weeks.

A good example of behavior change is if you see more pep in your dog’s step. Another example is if your dog can walk up the stairs again. We recommend that you look at the behavior that your dog has lost and see if your dog can regain that ability over 2-3 weeks of giving our products twice a day.

Here are common behavioral changes that you can monitor. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you can feel confident that the product is working (assuming the CBD extract is the only variable that has changed).

  • Can your dog change from laying down to standing more easily?
  • Does your dog appear to be more relaxed?
  • Is your dog less stiff?
  • Does your dog appear calmer?
  • Does your dog seem happier and more content?
  • Does it appear that your dog is walking more fluidly?
  • Is your dog less stiff after exercise?
  • Can your dog walk up the stairs again?
  • Can your dog jump again?
  • Does your dog seem more energetic?
  • Does your dog interact with you more?
  • Does your dog interact with other dogs more?
  • Does your dog recover more quickly after exercise?
  • Does your dog exhibit more puppy-like behavior?

Thinking about CBD for your dog? Consider this.

  1. Give the dog the CBD Oil twice a day for at least 2 weeks
  2. Give an accurate dose of CBD to your dog based on your dogs weight
  3. Use a product that was National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Certified?
  4. Monitor your dog’s behavior to see if there was a difference?

CBD oil and Hemp Extract is not a cure-all product for dogs, so you have to be reasonable with the changes that you are expecting to take place. There are no pet CBD products that have been approved by the FDA, so if you see medical claims being made, avoid buying products from that website. Your best bet is with a reputable website that doesn’t make claims of medical benefits. Additionally, a reputable company with a high-quality CBD Oil formulation will typically have a money-back guarantee.

Dr. Fossum’s products are dosed by weight. To further clarify, we have a loading dose of 2mg of CBD per kilogram of dog weight. Other products will have a small and a large dog formula that says “give one dropper once a day.” These companies are guessing and should not be trusted. For a loading dose, your dog should get about 1 mg of CBD per pound, twice a day. So, if your dog is 30 pounds, he/she should get about 30mg of CBD twice a day.

We always recommend giving our products twice a day because the absorption rate in CBD is low. In order for CBD to be effective, you must give a higher concentration of CBD so 10-15% of the CBD gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Product Concentration of all cannabinoids:

Look for a product that states the cannabinoid content of CBD, CBG, and CBN. Most companies don’t have a high dose of CBG and CBN because it is extremely expensive.

Additional Benefits of CBD Oil for dogs

The proof is in the pudding. We know that Dr. Fossum’s products are helping because veterinarians and customers are telling us that the products are making a difference in their dog’s life. Our community is leaving reviews with heartfelt stories about how our products have improved the quality of their dog’s life. It is the motivation for the Dr. Fossum’s team to keep innovating and to keep producing the best products on the market. I’d highly recommend that you check out the 3rd party independent TrustPilot reviews.

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