Cindy’s Beloved Rocco Thrives With Dr. Fossum’s

Cindy’s Rottweiler Rocco is almost 11 years old, who feels much younger in his mind. Living in Arizona with lots of outside stimulation, he naturally wanted to jump and explore but due to his age, he was unable to. Until Cindy came across our natural pet wellness line!

Cindy Switched Brands And Loved The Results

The origin of his issues began when one of Rocco’s fur siblings accidentally slammed into Rocco, resulting in discomfort.

Cindy had already dabbled with other natural alleviation products before a veterinary friend referred our natural pet wellness products! Although she noticed positive results from the previous product, she noticed a significant change using our product.

Rocco continued to respond well after increasing the dose of our product once experiencing more severe issues. 

Cindy particularly loves how our natural products have fewer side effects. But more importantly our customer service!

 “It’s not just the quality of the product, it’s the fantastic customer service. For example, I had a problem with a leaky bottle. I got an immediate response, new stoppers in the mail, acknowledging that there was an issue. Whereas other companies, they’ll just go, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Rocco Proved Age is Nothing But a Number!

By the time Rocco turned ten, he began using our products. His birthday present was pulling a baby around the neighborhood in his cart. Without our products, Rocco wouldn’t be able to do what he does best, working!

As a younger pup, he began working as a droving dog and it quickly became his life calling.This involved a lot of carrying on Rocco’s part, but he loved it. Working is definitely at the top of his list for favorite things in life! Cindy considered retiring him but at age nine, Rocco’s impressive scores proved otherwise. 

Nothing makes this sweet doggo happier than being productive!

Since adding our product into his routine, Rocco is still able to enjoy his life. He can still bark at the UPS man, yell at the coyotes in the backyard, and that’s what matters. 

We started this company because we want to improve the quality of life for all pets. (Including my own pups!) Nothing makes our family here at Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care happier than stories like Rocco’s.

Become a Dr. Fossum’s Dog!

It warms our heart’s knowing we were able to make Rocco’s life bright again. I’m sure our thoughts of our pets deserving a long and healthy quality of life is universal. We’re here to help you make sure your dog thrives for every moment of their life. 

Curious what Dr. Fossum’s product will best serve your pet? Check out our dosage calculator. 

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