Monty’s Rescue Dog, Dozer, Can Now Live His Best Life!

We are always happy knowing our products bring peace of mind and happiness to our customers. Monty’s dog, Dozer, has been using our product for quite a while now. Monty chatted with us to discuss why he started using it and how it has improved the quality of Dozer’s life!

Dozer’s Traumatic Start To Life and Its Effects. 

Monty’s American Bulldog Dozer was originally a bait dog. When Dozer was two and a half his parents rescued him! It took some time for Monty to help Dozer’s wounds heal from the abuse. 

Unfortunately, Dozer’s rough start to life is catching up to him. Now as an elderly dog, he has begun to experience discomfort.

Monty had searched high and low for a safe, natural pet wellness product. He remained unsatisfied until hearing rave reviews of our products!

Dozier Can Now Age Comfortably!

It’s officially been a year since Dozer began using our hemp extract. Monty started Dozer with 2 1/2 mL, morning and night. He then lowered the dosage to 1 1/2 mL. 

As of October 2021, Monty now gives Dozer our hemp extract three times a day. Monty is relieved seeing how much easier it is for his pup to cope with his discomfort now!

Monty feels confident and loves that Dozer isn’t sedated, and doesn’t feel like he’s sedating him. His dosages are spread out perfectly so Dozer can enjoy his day!

Become a Dr. Fossum’s Dog!

It warms our heart’s knowing we were able to help Dozer age comfortably! I’m sure our thoughts of deserving a long, healthy quality of life are universal. We’re here to help you make sure your dog thrives for every moment of their life!

Curious what Dr. Fossum’s product will best serve your pet? Check out our dosage calculator. 

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