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Our "Acts of Kindness" referral program is the biggest cost savings program that Dr. Fossum has ever offered!
Choosing the right product for your dog can be overwhelming. As a believer and existing customer in Dr. Fossum's products, guide your friends to the right choice and make their lives easier!
Its almost too good to be true. But its not…It’s simple!
Get rewarded with 25% of their order in store credit on ALL of their orders!
Your Friends will thank you!
For every friend you refer, you’ll receive 25% of their purchase in store credits, FOREVER. So, if your friend keeps purchasing products, you continue to receive store credits! Earn free products or donate your points to a shelter to help a pet in need!

Ways to Earn Points

There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so the more friends you refer, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend using your personal link (generate your link), or when your friend/family member checks out, make sure they enter your name or email.

Share a Review (coming soon)

Share a review on your social media accounts.
Earn 10 points per share.
(Limit one share per month).

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Sounds too good to be true?

We agree! It is a phenomenal deal. Here is why we can afford to do give such an insane discount to our customers…

Dr. Fossum’s is more than a natural pet wellness company. We are a community of pet lovers who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best quality of life for our 4 legged friends.

In 2022, about 60% of our orders were referred by someone else. We believe in the power of word of mouth, and that’s why we’ve chosen to reward our loyal customers like you, instead of spending tons of money on a big marketing agency. With our Acts of Kindness platform, you can earn rewards simply by sharing your love of Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care products with your friends and family.

We believe in providing the best possible care for pets, and we’re confident that once your friends and family try our products, they’ll see the difference for themselves. And, best of all, you’ll be helping us make a difference in the lives of pets in need if you choose to donate your store credits to a local animal shelter.

Real Customer Reviews by Product Type
"We purchased the cognicaps after our friend and trusted veterinarian advised us that our dog should try taking them. Our dog started getting up in the middle of the night and just starring at the wall and looking lost, she always sleeps all through the night on our bed and doesn’t move, so I knew something was off with her. I told our friend about our dog’s behavior and she suggested that we give her the cognicaps, and they have made such a huge difference! She sleeps all through the night now, which is making everyone happy!"
"Cogni Caps. I am very happy with the difference in my 14 year old Westie since using Cogni Caps. She has gotten "pep in her step" back, and even wants to play a little bit again. I also think that it has helped her pacing at night. She still paces, but not as often. It appears that her quality of life has improved, and this is all I can hope for in her golden senior years."
"Our Norfolk Terrier Snickers recently began taking the Cognicaps at the age of 10. It’s been about a month of consistent use and we notice a difference in his temperament. He wakes up spry and has more energy throughout the day. 100% recommend."
"After 12 days of my 13 year old dog being administered Cogni Caps, I am seeing improvement in her cognitive skills. As a Veterinarian I am acutely aware of the symptoms associated with this older dog disease and am very encouraged by the results thus far. After another 2 weeks I will submit my impression of her comprehension and awareness."
Rejuvenator for Dogs
"The CBD oil we give our dog has enabled us to take him off all synthetic medicine for his valley fever and seizures. The CBD oil alleviates his hip discomfort, gives him energy and ultimately, a great quality of life. Our dog is almost seven and a half and he acts and looks like he is two or three years old."
"My vet recommended me to Dr. Fossum's as she also uses their product for her dog. My dog has been on the Rejuvenator for a month and is a great product and just purchased again. Their customer service is excellent. I appreciate all the time spent explaining the products to me when I first called in, and thereafter with regard to dosage and the bottle stopper. They are a pleasure to work with."
"Our Golden Doodle, Deco, is almost 10 years old. He loves to play on the beach, but over the last year he had become a little lethargic and also tended to limp significantly after playing. We started using Dr. Fossum's CBD Oil/Rejuvenator, and my wife and I are shocked at the results. After 1-2 weeks, Deco seems significantly more spry and playful and he hasn't limped in months! We are SO happy and thankful to Dr. Fossums! I would recommend these products to anyone with a dog!"
Rules and Regulations (please read carefully)

These rules are put in place to clearly define the program so we can keep it going forever!

  • Earn 25% in store credit of the dollars that your referral spends.
  • 25% of store credit is applied after discounts but before tax and shipping.
  • Reward Points are valid for one year after being earned.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash value.
  • Products that are paid for with points cannot be returned.
  • The referring party cannot be part of the same household.
  • Items purchased with points or partial payment with points cannot be used to pay for shipping.
  • If points are used to purchase a product, the purchase is not eligible for free shipping.
  • Points will be allocated 40 days after the purchase has been made.
  • Points will not be issued if the product is returned for a refund.
  • 100% money back guarantee on first time purchases only.
  • The referring party will immediately be notified when they receive a referral credit.
  • All items are eligible to be redeemed for points with the exception of apparel and Dr. Fossum’s text book.
  • Points cannot be shared with the exception of donating your points back to Dr. Fossum’s for use in one of our partner shelters.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time. If someone abuses the program, we may close their account without warning in order to protect the program and those individuals who rely on it.
  • By placing an order or creating an account, you have opted into Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care loyalty and referral program. This program will give you rewards for loyal behavior and referring customers to Drfossums.com. To opt out of the loyalty/referral program, please follow the following steps.

    My Account–> My Rewards–> “Uncheck this box if you don’t wish to be part of our rewards program”.