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What to Watch Out For When Choosing CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil is a powerful cannabinoid and has tons of benefits for dogs. However, CBD is not an approved “drug” and thus companies cannot make therapeutic claims stating its efficacy.

CBD companies should be extremely careful in terms of the benefits that they list on their product, website, or emails. We are National Animal Supplement Council Certified. They have specific guidelines to help us remain compliant with FDA guidelines. Please stay away from anyone who uses any of the following words as they are therapeutic claims and are against FDA guidelines.

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Shrinks tumors
  • Anti-inflammatory

Say NO to CBD Dog Treats (they are illegal)

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your dog a nice “treat” that also helps them feel better? This would be amazing! Unfortunately, this is an issue with calling classifying CBD as a treat. Per FDA regulations, CBD treats are not legal because treats are considered by the FDA to be food and CBD has not been approved as a food additive. There are a couple of considerations in buying a CBD treat.

  1. If a company is ignoring FDA guidelines, you have to question the other corners that they are cutting.
  2. There is a chance that the FDA will send them a warning letter and possibly shut them down. Then you won’t be able to supply your pet with the product anymore.
  3. A tasty chew can be just as tasty as a treat!

If you see any of these claims when searching for a reputable CBD company, please avoid them as they are not following the rules. Here are some approved terms that can be used. If you see language similar to this, you are likely seeing a company that is following the guidelines.

  • Keeps pets calm
  • Helps with mobility
  • Helps keep pets calm and relaxed
  • Enhances bone and joint health
  • May help reduce oxidative damage
  • May support the immune system

The Great Unknown of Nano CBD

Nano is being touted as the next great breakthrough in CBD. Unfortunately, scientific studies have not been created to back up the hype. You will see claims that nano is 6x more effective – a claim that cannot be proven. Nano CBD can’t be tested in a lab, so it may show up as the label claim, but it may not have the 6x effect that you are expecting. Most nano products are more expensive than non-nano CBD but have less CBD content in them due to this claim. We would recommend staying away from these products until the claims have been backed by science.

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