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Dr. Fossum’s CBD Oil is Now Covered by Some Insurance Companies.

CBD oil has been gaining popularity over the past 20 years as a natural remedy and is now making inroads into the world of veterinary medicine. Forward-thinking veterinarians have been recommending CBD oil for quite some time and now the insurance companies are recognizing the benefits as well! There are increasing numbers of insurance companies out there that are willing to cover CBD oil for your pet. That means that Dr. Fossum’s products may be eligible for coverage!

Insurance companies covering hemp is huge news for a few reasons:

1. The legitimacy of CBD oil is growing: Insurance companies going live is a strong confirmation that CBD oil is helping pets and is gaining mainstream traction. At Dr. Fossum’s, we’ve known about the amazing benefits of CBD oil for years! 

How can we demonstrate the efficacy of Dr. Fossum’s? The proof can be seen in our customer reviews and feedback! 

2. CBD Oil each day keeps the vet away: Insurance companies are noticing that they can SAVE MONEY on veterinary visits by covering the pet’s CBD oil instead of paying for expensive vet visits. 
Some companies will cover 70-90% of the product’s cost if specific criteria is met. Other insurance policies cover hemp under their wellness package, which can help pet owners like you save money.

List of Companies That Will Cover Hemp

MetLife (50-90% Coverage)*

Trupanion Insurance (70-90% coverage)

*Fetch by the Dodo (70-90% coverage)*

Embrace Pet Insurance (wellness package)*

Many Pets (wellness package)*

It is important to comply with the insurance companies’ rules to ensure coverage. Seek pre-approval to confirm eligibility. 

Things to keep in mind:

1.  CBD oil is not covered for pre-existing conditions. Most insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions in any case, though.

2. You will need medical records from your veterinarian to show that it is needed, and it isn’t being used for a pre-existing condition.

3. Your veterinarian must recommend the CBD oil. Be sure this is documented to ensure coverage.  

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Dr. Fossum’s Invoice!

We’ve been receiving fantastic feedback from pet owners on how CBD oil is helping their dogs, cats, or horses. Please check with your insurance company to see your level of coverage. We strongly suggest that you seek pre-approval prior to purchase in order to ensure that they will cover the cost. 

Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care assumes no responsibility for coverage by your insurance company. 

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