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How to calculate CBD dosage for dogs?

The potency of your pet’s CBD product is extremely important because CBD is poorly absorbed from the gut. The absorption rate in dogs is about 5%-14%. Therefore, it is important to give a high amount of CBD to ensure your pet is absorbing adequate amounts.

Additionally, the half life of CBD is about 4.5 hours. We recommend giving the product in the morning and in the evening to ensure consistent blood levels. Stay away from products that recommend that it be given once a day, as well as products that have a low concentration of CBD. CBD can be given during or after mealtime to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal upset.

We have based our recommendations on how much to give your pet on the information in the peer-reviewed veterinary literature; however, every animal is different so you will have to adjust the amount to get the desired effect.

We encourage pet owners to dose our products based on the pet’s weight. Our initial loading dose of 2 mg/kg administered twice daily was taken from a clinical study that showed efficacy for improving joint discomfort in dogs. This serving amount should provide relief for postoperative discomfort. If you are using our product to calm your pet, a lower dose may be needed than if you are giving it to improve their mobility. Some conditions (e.e., epilepsy) may require a higher serving amount than the initial loading amount. We provide a dosage calculator so you can easily find out the correct dose to give your pet. Check out the dosage calculator.

The calculator also shows you how long the product will last. Since we base the dose on the dog’s weight, our products will last a different amount of time based on the dose and the dog’s weight.

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