Valerie Shares Her Touching Petimonial in a Fireside Chat With Dr. Fossum

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Valerie Valdez, mom of Chow Chow-German Shepherd mix, Dusty! Valerie gave a touching petimonial about Dusty’s story as well as her experience with Dr. Fossum’s natural pet wellness products, which Dusty has been using to help alleviate his leg discomfort!

Dusty’s old age and discomfort from ACL Surgeries Left Him With Little Energy to Be His Normal Self

Dusty’s old age and two ACL surgeries left the pup in so much discomfort he was struggling to walk, run, play, and just be his normal self. 

Valerie shares, “He was constantly chewing on his pillow and my bed mattress. At first I didn’t know why, until the vet informed me that  it’s a sign of discomfort and unease in dogs. I realized he was suffering.”  

Valerie used traditional veterinary treatments but could automatically sense that they weren’t having a positive effect. 

“In fact, it was quite the opposite. One day, Dusty was sleeping with his head in his water bowl. And I said to myself, that isn’t normal behavior,” Valerie recalls. 

She continues, “My husband suggested that it might be Dusty’s time, and that we shouldn’t prolong his suffering.” But Valerie, not giving up hope, interjected, “I’ve had Dusty for 11 years, and for all he’s done for us, I couldn’t let him go like that.” 

Valerie set herself on a mission to find alternatives that could help Dusty. After searching, she finally spoke with a vet who introduced, and recommended, Dr. Fossum’s. 

“Finding Dr. Fossum’s Has Been a Game-Changer For Dusty” 

After a month of dosing Dusty with our hemp extract, Dusty began seeing the results Valerie hoped for! 

The constant chewing stopped. 

Dusty’s energy picked up. 

He no longer exhibited strange behavior. 

More importantly, he could walk! 

Valerie would even have to calm Dusty down on walks, just to make sure he didn’t accidentally strain himself. 

Valerie, with a beaming smile, says, “Dr. Fossum’s significantly improved the quality of Dusty’s life”. I couldn’t be more grateful. Not only does Dusty feel better, but I’m less stressed worrying about him and it’s more cost-effective than the frequent vet visits that were taking a toll on us. In the long run, Dr. Fossum’s is worth it and I recommend trying them if you have a similar story to Dusty’s!” 

Become a Dr. Fossum’s Dog!

We started this company because we wanted to help pets, it’s our only motivation. We couldn’t be more thrilled to know that Dusty is significantly better. It warms our heart’s knowing we were able to make Dusty’s life bright again.

Everybody’s pets deserve a long and healthy quality of life, even as they age. We’re here to help you make sure your dog thrives for every moment of their life. 

Curious what Dr. Fossum’s product will best serve your pet? Check out our dosage calculator. 

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