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Study Suggests CogniCaps Helped Improve Cognitive Scores by 38% in 30 Days

In this open-label clinical trial, researchers aimed to investigate the effects of an oral integrative supplement called CogniCaps® on cognitive scores of aging dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), the dog version of Alzheimer’s disease. The supplement is a combination of conventional nutraceuticals and Chinese herbals, and each ingredient was selected based on research model and/or clinical trial evidence of efficacy and tolerability.

The study included ten dogs with moderate cognitive scores who were administered CogniCaps® for two months, and no additional drugs or nutraceuticals directed at improving cognitive function were allowed during the study period. The cognitive scores were compared between baseline and 30- and 60-day assessments post-treatment. The results showed that cognitive scores improved by 38% and 41% reduction at 30- and 60-day assessments, respectively, and this improvement was sustained at the 60-day follow-up.

The researchers concluded that the integrative supplement CogniCaps® might improve cognitive scores in dogs with CCD within the first 30 days of administration, and this improvement is sustained at 60-day follow up. This preliminary study provides evidence that non-drug options, such as nutraceutical supplements, could be a potential option for treating CCD in dogs.


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